GitHub API v2 on Ruby, take 2

Posted by admin, Sun Apr 19 12:50:00 UTC 2009

Major updates to octopi library (that is a Ruby interface for the GitHub API v2).

Gem installation

Yes! Now you can install octopi as a Gem:

$ sudo gem install fcoury-octopi --source


I am now focusing on having complete coverage of the API features that anyone can do as an anonymous user (not authenticated to GitHub, that is).

Once this part is done we’ll start working on features that requires authentication.

Some code snippets for your delight:

User API

Getting user information

# user information
u = User.find("fcoury")
puts "#{} followed by #{u.followers.join(", ")}, 
following #{u.following.join(", ")}"

Followers and following, rendered as an User object collection

The bang version of followers and following creates one User object for each user login found and obviously is a lot more expensive and should be used with parsimony.

user.followers!.each do |u|
  puts "  - #{} (#{u.login}) has 
#{u.public_repo_count} repo(s)"

Searching users

users = User.find_all("silva")
puts "#{users.size} users found for 'silva':"
users.each do |u|
  puts "  - #{}"

Repositories API


repos = Repository.find_all("ruby", "git")
puts "#{repos.size} repository(ies) with 'ruby' and 'git':"
repos.each do |r|
  puts "  - #{}"

Getting a repository

repo = Repository.find("fcoury", "octopi")

Getting a repository for a given user

If you have an User object, you can easily do:

repo = user.repository("octopi")

Repository information

puts "#{} - #{repo.description} 
(by #{repo.owner}) - #{repo.url}"


tags = {|t|}.join(", ")
puts "Tags: #{tags}"

Commits API

Commits of a given repository:

fc = repo.commits.first
puts "First commit: " 
puts "#{} - #{fc.message} - by #{['name']}"

Single commit information:

puts "Diff:"
fc.details.modified.each do |m| 
  puts "#{m['filename']} DIFF: #{m['diff']}"

Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

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  1. Carlos A. da Silva 04.21.09 / 10AM
    Olá Felipe, muito legal a idéia, e parece bastante simples de utilizar. Vou dar uma olhada com calma e tempo mais tarde. Abraços Carlos
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